Kamagra.se is an online pharmacy named after a famous generic product for impotence, Kamagra, which is from the company Ajanta Pharma in India. The store’s domain, Kamagra.se, indicates that the shop is hosted from Sweden, although the extension does not accurately depict if the store is indeed operating out of Sweden or it’s just a diversion. Today, though, the shop is now closed—if you visit the address Kamagra.se, you will only be greeted by an error message indicating that the store may have moved permanently to another web address. The store, Kamagra SE, appears to have functioned from 2005 to 2010 (or at least it isRead More →

Buy-low-drugs.com used to be an e-pharmacy in the business of selling generic and branded pharmaceutical products. Additionally, it used to have a display of herbal medicines such as Green Tea, Hoodia, Bestina, Tulsi sleep Cystone and a few others. These medications would cure a long list of illnesses with a mention of; anxiety disorders, arthritis, depression, skin disorders, allergies, impotence and so on. Its main assortment was infertility remedies for both male and female thus parading as its best sellers. Its customers enjoyed lower prices which were said to be 75% lower compared to the ones found in the pharmacy fraternity. These were well demonstrated usingRead More →

247medication.com used to be an internet drugstore in the retail of generic and branded; prescription and non-prescriptions pharmaceuticals alike. The British-based e-store started its operations in 2010 and used to take pride in delivering quality products and service as their number one policy was to value their customers. Additionally, 247 Medication used to promote its availability around the clock. Its main assortment was constituted of antibiotics, weight loss recipes, reproductive health treatments, antidepressants and a few others. After it had gone mute to the internet in May 2017 it left behind; 10mg of Loratadine latrium in a pack of 40 pills at $ 100, 25Read More →

Drug-buyer.com may have its domain as such, but it actually has a different store name—it is actually PillMan Online Pharmacy. This shop operated rather briefly and due to this brevity of operation, there are not many records existing for this online pharmacy. I was glad to have come across some retrieved data from 2009 to 2010 from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, but apart from these records, there are no others existing for Pill Man Online Pharmacy or Drug-buyer.com. There was no news on the disappearance of Drug-buyer.com—it appeared that no one cared about the store’s presence enough to give it reviews and update consumers aboutRead More →

  Canadian-Overnight.com was an online pharmacy. Their About Us page was blank so I could not know their location or when they were established. On the Best Sellers’ Section, I gathered that Canadian-Overnight allowed you to order without prescription, guaranteed low prices and high quality yet fast delivery. Canadian-Overnight Best Sellers would come from the categories of Erectile Dysfunction, Antibiotics, Hair loss and Anti-Inflammatory drugs. Viagra (Generic) was sold for $0.27 per pill, Cialis $0.68 per pill, Brand Viagra $2.56 per pill, Levitra was $1.00 per pill, Kamagra $0.90 and Branded Cialis $3.72 per pill. There was no information on whether or not they were FDARead More →

Chest Acne Chest acne is a fairly common problem, people who suffer from facial acne, often suffer from back and chest acne as well. Statistics show that these conditions typically exist in age ranges from 11 to 40. Statistics also show that 54% of women and 40% of men suffer from this condition. Though chest acne is a common problem, it can be severe in some cases. Often, chest and back acne can be treated in the same way. Lets look at some inexpensive and common everyday things you can do to prevent this condition. If youre having a problem with acne on your chest,Read More →

Asthma is a disease that is considered to be highly fatal if left untreated. Bronchial asthma is a type of asthma condition that will lead to mucus production that is excessive in nature. This high level of mucus will lead to certain ailments and breathing problems that will practically disable a person when it comes to proper breathing. This is a reaction of the human body to some allergens that will lead to the release of the person’s immune system of histamines. Allergens that will cause these reactions can be in the form of internal and external substances. Most of the time, other people willRead More →

Ringing In Ears After A Live Concert? People that enjoy going out to see their favorite band or artist perform live, can sometimes encounter a sudden ringing in their ears as soon as the live concert is through. Similar ear ringing problems can also be a problem after listening to loud music in clubs. Common Symptoms The ringing noise will vary from person to person, but can sound like a high pitched whistle or a constant whining sound. Some people have also witnessed hearing “white noise” which is comparable to the sound of static when the volume level from the music is extremely deafening orRead More →

Im pretty open-minded when it comes to panic attacks treatment. Im not one of those people that pound the table against prescription drugs. On the flip side Im also a proponent for meditation and hypnosis for panic attacks. In fact, Im a believer that prescription drugs is a good way to kick-start treatment, but long term treatment is achieved at a deeper level in the mind. Hypnosis for panic attacks does NOT require that you visit a hypnotherapist, although you can. Be sure when looking for a hypnotherapist that you inquire about their experience in treating panic attacks with hypnosis. The downside to going toRead More →

Amenorrhea is a manifestation of a hidden issue as opposed to a condition all by itself. Extra indications may be available relying upon the related condition. There are numerous manifestations which could point to having Amenorrhea. They include Galactorrhea (bosoms produce milk in a lady who is not pregnant or breastfeeding), migraine, or lessened fringe vision, which could be an indication of an intracranial tumor. Expanded hair development like a male (hirsutism) may be brought on by overabundance androgen (a hormone that empowers improvement of male sex attributes). Vaginal dryness, hot flashes, night sweats, or scattered rest, which may be an indication of ovarian inadequacyRead More →